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Customer reviews

2012.11.30.: Perfect Christmas gift! I will ad the webstore to my friends. (Ewa, Warsaw)

2012.11.22.: I love this watch! It was a gift to my husband and he also loves it. I am thinking to order an other watch to myself :) (Inés, Lleida)

2012.10.15.: I got a very good quality and very beauty watch. I recommend this webshop everyone who want to save money and get the same quality as in a watch store. (Kasia, Lublin)

2012.09.26.: The customer service is very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the watch and the transaction! (Jorge, Valencia)

2012.08.12.: Very beauty watch and watchbox in very good price. I will advertise this webstore. (Szymon, Gdansk)

2012.06.14.: Excellent webstore! Good quality, fast service! Thanks again! (Peter, Hamburg)


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