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Customer reviews

2012.11.30.: Perfect Christmas gift! I will ad the webstore to my friends. (Ewa, Warsaw)

2012.11.22.: I love this watch! It was a gift to my husband and he also loves it. I am thinking to order an other watch to myself :) (Inés, Lleida)

2012.10.15.: I got a very good quality and very beauty watch. I recommend this webshop everyone who want to save money and get the same quality as in a watch store. (Kasia, Lublin)

2012.09.26.: The customer service is very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the watch and the transaction! (Jorge, Valencia)

2012.08.12.: Very beauty watch and watchbox in very good price. I will advertise this webstore. (Szymon, Gdansk)

2012.06.14.: Excellent webstore! Good quality, fast service! Thanks again! (Peter, Hamburg)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I pay by Credit/Debit Card?

Click on the 'How to Order' button, where you can find the answer for this question in 'Step 7', 'If you choose Debit/Credit Card..'. paragraph. The steps of payment are described there in details.

2. How can I buy?

Click on the "How to order" button, where you can find the details step by step.

3. Does price include VAT?

Yes, all prices include VAT.

4. How can I view the details of the watches?

Click on the  icon next to the watches.

5. I do not live in the United Kingdom. Can I order?

Yes, we deliver watches to any European country with a very low postage cost.

6. Are these watches new and genuine?

Yes, we offer only new and genuine watches. We purchase from original suppliers.

7. After I ordered a watch when does it get delivered to my delivery address? What happens if nobody is at home to take over the package?

Postman usually goes to the address in the morning hours. If nobody is at home, there is no problem, the postman will leave a notification in your mailbox. In this notification the address of the post office is indicated, where you can take over your package. Usually that post office is close to your home address.

8. What happens with my personal data that I give in the registration form? Will I receive spam letters?

The information you give in the registration form serves the purpose of the successful delivery. All your personal data remains confidental, we do not give it away to any third party. Neither do we like spams, so we handle your email address confidentially.

9. I did not find answer to my question in FAQs or in the "How to order" section. What do I do now?

In this case, click on the "Contact" button above! You can write your question there, and send us. We will reply to your message in 24 hours. Phone number is optional.

We are updating this page with questions & answers which come up so often.

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