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Customer reviews

2012.11.30.: Perfect Christmas gift! I will ad the webstore to my friends. (Ewa, Warsaw)

2012.11.22.: I love this watch! It was a gift to my husband and he also loves it. I am thinking to order an other watch to myself :) (Inés, Lleida)

2012.10.15.: I got a very good quality and very beauty watch. I recommend this webshop everyone who want to save money and get the same quality as in a watch store. (Kasia, Lublin)

2012.09.26.: The customer service is very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the watch and the transaction! (Jorge, Valencia)

2012.08.12.: Very beauty watch and watchbox in very good price. I will advertise this webstore. (Szymon, Gdansk)

2012.06.14.: Excellent webstore! Good quality, fast service! Thanks again! (Peter, Hamburg)

About Us

Dear Customers,

We are an English webstore company, specialized in providing exclusive luxury watches to customers all over Europe. The watches we sell are mostly available in Southern and Western Europe, in the main watch shops, though their price in the shops are often more expensive by 40-50% compared to the prices you can find in our webstore.

Following the latest Southern and Western European trends, we contribute to spreading the culture of fashion in Europe. Our goal is to provide the European fashion-conscious customers the latest Southern and Western European watchtrends on an affordable price.

Furthermore we recommend our webstore to the Southern and Western European customers, because our watches are cheaper by 30-40% compared to retail prices. Next time, when you are shopping in a shopping mall, you can compare their prices to our prices.

Moreover, it is more comfortable to browse the nice watches sitting in an armchair, comparing them to each other, than going to a crowded shopping mall, finding a watch store, and asking questions from a phlegm, annoying, or pushy seller. Feeling the crowd behind you could also be annoying, and going home without an item.

During Christmas you can calculate with an extra scramble and frustration, and we have not talked about the travelling cost (fuel, parking), about your time and your calm.

We are cheaper by 30-40% compared to retail prices because we purchase the watches from international suppliers and pass the savings on to you.

Enjoy shopping in our webstore!







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