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Customer reviews

2012.11.30.: Perfect Christmas gift! I will ad the webstore to my friends. (Ewa, Warsaw)

2012.11.22.: I love this watch! It was a gift to my husband and he also loves it. I am thinking to order an other watch to myself :) (Inés, Lleida)

2012.10.15.: I got a very good quality and very beauty watch. I recommend this webshop everyone who want to save money and get the same quality as in a watch store. (Kasia, Lublin)

2012.09.26.: The customer service is very friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the watch and the transaction! (Jorge, Valencia)

2012.08.12.: Very beauty watch and watchbox in very good price. I will advertise this webstore. (Szymon, Gdansk)

2012.06.14.: Excellent webstore! Good quality, fast service! Thanks again! (Peter, Hamburg)


Maurice Lacroix Pontos

14.667 Eur

5.500 Eur

3.000 Eur

2.667 Eur

2.333 Eur

1.333 Eur

2.667 Eur

4.100 Eur

2.833 Eur

3.000 Eur

2.990 Eur

2.833 Eur

2.833 Eur

3.333 Eur

3.000 Eur

3.833 Eur

3.900 Eur

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